Final Report

This report was the culmination of our user-centered design activities around the TiddlyWiki Thesaurus. We also gave a presentation to the class about our activities over the quarter.

Background and Purpose

The report includes an executive summary, background information, our method and procedures across all the activities we performed, a summary of findings, and a list of recommendations for the redesign effort. It also contains a section discussing lessons learned. Finally, it has an extensive appendix which contains all of individual activity reports, and additional items like the paper prototypes and scanned copies of the user sketches.


All team members contributed to various individual documents and parts of documents. My focus in the final report was on the background and findings sections. In addition, I gathered all the documents we had created, organized them, and ensured they were formatted consistently. I produced the final PDF file containing our report. I also chose the general layout for our PowerPoint and discussed the background and findings information during our presentation.

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Note: The final report contains blank pages because it is meant to be printed on both sides of the page. For online viewing, bookmarks in the final report point to the major sections and artifacts.

Final Report Final Presentation