What skills does Michael possess that were valuable in your work?

ability to work with others, technical competence, deep understanding of information organization principles, wide variety of software and programming abilities.
Michael is an excellent communicator. He is thorough in explaining challenging concepts, which was a great benefit when he was voluntarily assisting me with my implementation of his TiddlyWiki Thesaurus. He also readily listened to my suggestions and concerns regarding the project and helped me modify the tool to better fit my needs.
You can count on Michael to be there when needed. He helps out other team members and provides good moral support to the rest of the team. Trust, Dependability and Passion.
His strong technical understanding of information processing coupled with a strong set of people skills outfitted him well for this project (and others).
Capable of building/testing and evaluating new technologies and methods.
quick to adapt to the situation, ability to find a quick solution, able to take suggestions without feeling like it is criticism
Excellent oral and written communications skills. Excellent grasp of technical and theoretical aspects of information organization (metadata, etc.)
He is detail oriented but can also see the big picture. He anticipates problems, not just reacts.
An openness to hearing other perspectives, and being willing to try out those other points of view for "fit"
He was a solid project leader who worked hard to get the job done.
communication and planning.
Helped team avoid stress / burn out (providing board games for breaks)
He has excellent Java coding skills. He helped develop a lot of the code that controlled the in-game entities.

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