Were there any particular activities or tasks where Michael excelled?

Michael was enthusiastic about discussing project details with me and helping me to understand more about the projects he was involved in that I could assist him with as well as how he could assist me with my projects. Most of our collaboration during the MLIS program was voluntary, outside of classes, and I continually seek him out for feedback on many of my own projects and presentations because he is honest, discerning, and eager to help his colleagues improve.
Michael excelled in just about everything I saw him do-- he was a key organizer for several conferences, he did fantastic work in the class I taught, and the work that he did for his portfolio was superb. He was not afraid to explore new tools and ways of organizing and presenting information, and shared them freely with his colleagues.
I can think of no more persistent user-centered researcher. Understanding the core issues for users has been paramount for Michael throughout his coursework.
Building things/investigating things/keeping up to date on new technologies and methods.
Took the imitative to lead. Drove proof of concept and ideas through completion. Was very supportive to development and test.
leadership, organization skills, project management, writing memos, creating websites, bringing donuts to the meeting.
Michael strove to thoroughly understand tasks set before him and the inherent problems that he may encounter on the road to the solution. This complete understanding of the issues he faced allowed him to masterfully deal with many of them before they ever surfaced. As a result, his development efforts were consistently thorough and robust.
Coordinating the various stakeholders on the project, most importantly the often-changing bank and Treasury personnel involved in the project.
Michael was an excellent student. His writing on assignments was top notch.
Michael was an excellent software developer. He created high-quality software in a very efficient manner.
Michael is very good at organization. He can take information that is in a state of chaos and reassemble it into a state of the art presentation that is user friendly.
Michael was good at figuring complicated things out and piecing things together.
good clean coding practice
organizing, getting folks involved.

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