A teacher and advisor said...

Michael is a joy to work with-- curious, intellectually engaged, a quick learner, and able to turn ideas into practical products. He brings humor, discipline, and exploration to a group, and invests himself fully in achieving excellence by making everyone successful.

What characteristic(s) about Michael set him apart?

Curiosity, intellectual exploration, collaborative work style, receptiveness to feedback, follow-through, cheerfulness.

Were there any particular activities or tasks where Michael excelled?

Michael excelled in just about everything I saw him do-- he was a key organizer for several conferences, he did fantastic work in the class I taught, and the work that he did for his portfolio was superb. He was not afraid to explore new tools and ways of organizing and presenting information, and shared them freely with his colleagues.

What skills does Michael possess that were valuable in your work?

ability to work with others, technical competence, deep understanding of information organization principles, wide variety of software and programming abilities.

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