A peer web developer/designer said...

Michael is a valuable asset to any organization. His skills and devotion are matched only by his wit and pleasant nature. Project Managers quickly learned that he could be trusted with the most complicated of tasks, while his peers came to know him as someone who made the office a fun and dynamic place to be.

Were there any particular activities or tasks where Michael excelled?

Michael strove to thoroughly understand tasks set before him and the inherent problems that he may encounter on the road to the solution. This complete understanding of the issues he faced allowed him to masterfully deal with many of them before they ever surfaced. As a result, his development efforts were consistently thorough and robust.

What characteristic(s) about Michael set him apart?

His general good nature and sense of humor is what I remember most about him. If anything ever bothered him, we never knew about it. The smile on his face and cheer in his voice was a hallmark of our team.

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