A colleague in his MLIS program said...

Michael possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills, values teamwork, provides work of a consistently excellent quality in every project he undertakes, and is passionate about IA/UX.

Were there any particular activities or tasks where Michael excelled?

Michael was enthusiastic about discussing project details with me and helping me to understand more about the projects he was involved in that I could assist him with as well as how he could assist me with my projects. Most of our collaboration during the MLIS program was voluntary, outside of classes, and I continually seek him out for feedback on many of my own projects and presentations because he is honest, discerning, and eager to help his colleagues improve.

What characteristic(s) about Michael set him apart?

Michael is genuinely passionate about his chosen field. He is actively engaged in the professional community here in Seattle and he encourages his colleagues to be involved, as well. He believes in connecting both with users and other members of the profession to create a user-centered culture of collaboration and innovation.

What skills does Michael possess that were valuable in your work?

Michael is an excellent communicator. He is thorough in explaining challenging concepts, which was a great benefit when he was voluntarily assisting me with my implementation of his TiddlyWiki Thesaurus. He also readily listened to my suggestions and concerns regarding the project and helped me modify the tool to better fit my needs.

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