A colleague in his MLIS program said...

Michael possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills, values teamwork, provides work of a consistently excellent quality in every project he undertakes, and is passionate about IA/UX.

A direct supervisor said...

I really enjoyed working with Michael and I would give him a very strong recommendation. Michael would be an outstanding member of any team. If I thought I could get him to move back to Houston, I would make him an offer immediately. His ability to learn new things and deliver high-quality results really set him apart from a lot of folks that have worked for me over the past 15 to 20 years.

Were there any particular activities or tasks where Michael excelled?

Michael excelled in just about everything I saw him do-- he was a key organizer for several conferences, he did fantastic work in the class I taught, and the work that he did for his portfolio was superb. He was not afraid to explore new tools and ways of organizing and presenting information, and shared them freely with his colleagues.

What characteristic(s) about Michael set him apart?

Tenacious, able to produce quality work under constrained deadlines, a wicked sense of humor (unusual in many coders)

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