Michael Adcock

Creative Problem Solver


I’m currently looking for work.

My most recent position was at ProQuest. I used my information, technology, programming, and management skills to solve problems in the Special Projects group which impacted various groups within the company. That work affected librarians, researchers, and students in universities and other organizations all over the world. They called me a Technical Support Analyst, although I often employed IA/UX methods, found ways to clarify complex information, identified and better understood connections between people, information, and software, and acted as an escalation point for all sorts of interesting problems. Some people might consider that Information Architecture… I do.

I have a solid background in software engineering, project management skills, and a graduate degree. I’ve also done some freelancing as a user experience designer. More recently, I’ve developed an interest in data visualization of the sort described in “Information Architecture of the Mundane”. Some people think I’m funny.

About This Site

The main areas focus on each of my skill sets, while the buttons at the top provide access to my resume and contact information. The links at the right point to other sites I’ve created and offer further details about me and my completed projects.

You might also want to check out my blog.

Don’t just listen to me — at the bottom of most pages you’ll find a quote like this one. They were taken directly from survey results, and more can be found at my recommendations site. The speech bubble was done in pure CSS, as found here.

To anyone considering hiring Michael Adcock, I would say, "Hire him. You won't regret it." Finding someone who can do the job at hand is easy. Finding someone who will do the job and look for ways to do the job better -- more efficiently and effectively -- is an employer's dream. Michael Adcock is an employer's dream and a decent person in the bargain.