Michael Adcock

Creative Problem Solver


I’ve created photo mashups for years, and I seem to have a knack for spotting, appreciating, and even creating in-jokes. While I enjoy parody, satire, and the absurd, I’ve always tried to maintain a good level of respect. I never dreamed my silliness would inspire and entertain the professionals I admire!

The Pimpformation Architect

  • Although the name came from a conversation in grad school, the Pimpformation Architect first appeared on the scene around April Fool’s Day in 2009, a few weeks after the IA Summit in Memphis. His identity remained shrouded in mystery until the 2010 IA Summit.
  • At first, I only created the site to host IA Summit pictures done in the style of Lolcats. After an amazing response from the IA community on Twitter, I decided the PimpIA should take on a life of his own.
  • Later, Austin Govella’s tweet inspired me to create the UX Garbage Pail Kids.
  • I created two videos for the 2010 IA Summit, one for the contest, and another just for fun. Both videos were created using Keynote and a few other tools.
  • After some encouragement, I gave a flex track presentation at the IA Summit.
  • Along with the networking opportunities, I’ve explored using social media like Twitter, a Facebook fan page, branding and marketing issues, and active engagement with my fans.
  • The Pimpformation Architect will continue to contribute to the community, and I’ll use this as a creative outlet and a way to connect and engage.

It was late the night before the IA Summit in Phoenix opened and I was revising (one more time) what I wanted to say to kick off the event. Abby and I felt a little stuck, so we pulled up the winning video from the I Love the IA Summit conference to inspire us and get us through the final preparation. That was the video that was put together by none other than the Pimpformation Architect and it did the trick.