Michael Adcock

Creative Problem Solver

Project Manager

Recently, I worked as a Program Manager at Microsoft Research through a contract with MAQ Consulting. In the past I had managed two projects while serving as software development lead (at RAF Technology and Bsquare Corporation).

Project Tuva

  • Although the website had launched in 2009 with the first of Feynman’s Messenger Lectures fully annotated, the remaining six lectures did not have any extra commentary or features. I was brought in to collect, prepare, and launch new content for these remaining lectures.
  • I worked remotely with Robert Jaffe at MIT, a subject matter expert, who provided his commentary and thoughts on the lectures. I packaged these into interactive “extras” inside Tuva. While the content was largely from Bob, I came up with a strategy that produced small articles, gave them appropriate titles, and did extensive background research to add links to additional resources.
  • In addition to content strategy and information architecture efforts, I worked with the image acquisitions and licensing team, and assisted with marketing efforts.

Microsoft Research Connections

eBook Demo

  • While in the Platform Solutions team at Bsquare Corporation, I researched and implemented this software demonstration package to showcase a new hardware platform.
  • After speaking with the stakeholders, I wrote a detailed software specification document describing features, the user interface, and operating system requirements.
  • I worked directly with and managed other engineers to implement the design, and ensured it was ready for planned trade shows.
  • I also scripted some walkthroughs and shared them with Sales and Marketing.

Verification Engine

  • While at RAF Technology, I led the development effort on this identity authentication product, managing multiple software releases and shipments to the Treasury department.
  • I supported and coordinated with personnel at several government locations including a secure facility, various commercial database providers, and at RAF.
  • Internally, I often collaborated with the QA manager at RAF, and managed a small team of two or more developers that changed depending on requirements and availability.
  • I created and managed schedules, work proposals, design documents, and worked closely with the offsite user documentation writer.
  • Before delivery to the client, I coordinated the release management process.

Michael demonstrates his ability to manage a complex project by combining strong technical skills with strong people skills. His customers, co-workers, and managers find him a pleasure to work with. His standards of performance and integrity are exemplary.

David Justin Ross, Co-founder and Chief Scientist at RAF Technology