Michael Adcock

Creative Problem Solver

UX Designer

I’ve worked on several different projects as a freelancer, using tools such as Axure RP Pro, Omnigraffle, and Visio.

JBB Project Management System

  • Working with a colleague, I created a prototype in Axure. This was used in a project pitch by our client, to win a contract for implementing the design. Due to the complexity of the design and time constraints, only functionality agreed upon for the demonstration during our client’s pitch was pdf supported.
  • We relied on masters to implement frequently reused components like the header and menus at the top of each page.
  • We also created a system of nested dynamic panels to implement the collapsible panel sections that are part of the design.
  • To address certain requirements, I created a hybrid tabbed area that was also collapsible. This was not trivial, and required the use of several dynamic panels and interaction cases.
  • We annotated the prototype where appropriate and exported pdf wireframes to be used by the developers to build the system.
  • We also created some pdf wireframe examples in Visio, to explore several design changes with our client.
  • In a separate effort, I created a sitemap with interaction flow details using Omnigraffle. We used this information to construct the prototype, and the developers referred to it as well. pdf Excerpts from this document are available.

Business Documents

Michael is a joy to work with-- curious, intellectually engaged, a quick learner, and able to turn ideas into practical products. He brings humor, discipline, and exploration to a group, and invests himself fully in achieving excellence by making everyone successful.

Mike Crandall, Senior Lecturer at the Information School, and current chair of the Masters of Science in Information Management program