Michael Adcock

Creative Problem Solver

Software Engineer

With over ten years of experience as a software engineer, I’ve focused on three major areas.  I’ve also used a variety of languages including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, and SQL.

User Interface Design and Implementation

  • Early in my career I added functionality to menus and displays in several Microsoft developer tools.  This IDE development included modifications to the Windows CE Toolkit for Visual C++ 6.0 and the Windows Smart Card Toolkit.
  • I’ve worked on operating system shell enhancements and custom applications for a variety of consumer products including media tablets, an HDTV, smartphones, an eBook reader, and other internet appliances.
  • During my graduate studies, I enhanced a personal information management (PIM) research prototype.

Database Design and Use

  • While at RAF Technology, the code I focused on connected to and queried a collection of databases with differing interfaces and purposes to resolve and interpret the results.
  • I’ve also gained experience with securely handling confidential data items.

Web Development and Design

  • I’ve hand-coded several web sites using the latest HTML standards.   The User-Centered Design Portfolio I created during my graduate studies is one example.
  • My experience with JavaScript stretches back to some of the consumer devices mentioned above.  In recent years I’ve written custom code for several TiddlyWiki projects, and used that platform to create a web application for thesaurus construction and exploration.  I’ve also used JQuery and several other JavaScript libraries.
  • I’ve created a number of WordPress sites (including this one) involving custom PHP code and CSS styling.

I really enjoyed working with Michael and I would give him a very strong recommendation. Michael would be an outstanding member of any team. If I thought I could get him to move back to Houston, I would make him an offer immediately. His ability to learn new things and deliver high-quality results really set him apart from a lot of folks that have worked for me over the past 15 to 20 years.

Craig Estepp, Technology Vice President at Insite Objects