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Upcoming Seattle events (July 12th – 13th)

Stephen Anderson will be speaking on The Art & Science of Seductive Interactions at IXDA Seattle on Monday July 12th at 7pm. Although his slides are online, you can experience the presentation for free. Don’t miss it!

The monthly Seattle Information Architecture & User Experience Meetup is on Tuesday, July 13th at 7pm. There will be free pizza and beer, along with lots of local IA/UX peeps!

This Meetup is sponsored by the UIE Web App Masters Tour. Even if you can’t afford to go to that event on Monday and Tuesday (promo code: SEATTLEUX will knock the price down to $795 before July 8th!), there’s a chance some of the folks on the Tour will appear at the Meetup. Also, don’t miss the free resource library available on the Web App Masters Tour site.

More details on these events are available at the links above. Hope to see you around!

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2 Responses to “Upcoming Seattle events (July 12th – 13th)”

  1. Oh dear. My first thought was that this was a PUA-related presentation, and I was NOT impressed. “Seduction” is a bit of a poisoned word for me.

  2. Michael

    Wow. I’d never thought of it like that! I had to look up “PUA” (pick up artist). I saw Stephen give the presentation at the IA Summit a few years ago, and it was great! I guess taken out of context, the name sounds provocative, but there’s a lot of great material about engagement and improving user experiences. Come to think of it, that kinda sounds dirty too. ;-)

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